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Steps of creating your website


Create Account

First create account if you dont have one,or login if you already have an account with us.


Website creation process

After successully creating an account with us for the first time,you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to create your website.



We have provided you with sample themes where you will choose to create the website

The themes are for the looks and feels of the website.



Menus are basically the links and urls of the website.

You will choose which menus you would like to appear on your websites.

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Theme editing

After completing website creation process,you will be redirected to theme you have chosen.Click on dashboard and enjoy editing your website


In the dashboard,we have provided you with all the resources and tools you will need to create a complete website.

Easy to use

The dashboard is simple and easy to use.Its easy to understand.

user friendly

The steps and procedures needed during website and pages creation is simple and easy to follow.


Page Creation

Every website has a page,on the dasboard you will be able to create a specific page for the website

Menus and Widgets

The pages urls will be in Menus.The menus and widgets is used to navigate to different pages created.You can add and edit menus for your website

Custom Themes

You can activate and preview the available themes in the dahsboard.After activating a specific,you can preview and edit the selected themes


Gallery is used to store your media eg images.


Settings helps you customize your website eg changing logo


The appearace consist of themes,widgets and menus.This is basically the part where you customize your website

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