Website Creation steps

  • Website Information step 1

    Fill in your mapped website domain or subdomain and website description.

  • Choose Menu links Step2

    The menus are the navigation links you would wish to have.They can be changed

  • Choose theme Step 3

    The themes are for the looks and feels of the website.

  • Add settings Step 4

    Add your website logo and favicon,you can the company/website brand name

  • Choose preffered widgets step 5

    Widgets are used to display the content of your website.You can activate or deactivate .

  • Website Activation step 5

    DNS activation means making the created website live .

    For the website to be active ,the domain name should merge the one added to your DNS records in the cpanel .

    If successfully mapped and activated ,you will see a sucess message .

    Navigate to the url that was activated .

  • Incase DNS mapping fails step 6

    If the DNS is not correctly mapped ,the website activation will fail.


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